Food Industry suspended from Foreign Worker Program

Food industry sector in particular big chain restaurants have long been employing Foreign Workers to work in low-paying jobs.   According to the C.H. Howe Report, there were 100,000  foreign workers in 2002  compared to as many as 338,000 today, mostly … read more


philippine traditional maria clara gown

Maria Clara terno gown -a national symbol of the Filipinos

If you have attended a Filipino fiesta or formal party, you probably have seen a Maria Clara gown.  More and more Canadians are getting to know the Philippines, as we meet Filipinos at work, at school, at church,  in the … read more


laundromat coffee shop

A Unique type of Coffee Shop

Canadians who are thinking of starting or opening a coffee shop can learn from this coffee chain in Denmark that is truly unique.  Called the Laundromat Cafe, it is truly many many things combined into one.  A laundromat, a cafe, … read more

Famous Immigrants

larry kwong chinese canadian NHL player

Larry Kwong broke Color Barriers in 1948

Larry Kwong, born in Vernon BC to Chinese Canadian immigrant grocer parents was the first Chinese Canadian to play in the National Hockey League in 1948. He achieved many “firsts”, although these accomplishments were not honoured at the time because … read more


homestay business

Tips on How to Start a Homestay Business in Canada

We received so many comments for articles on how to start a homestay business in Canada.  There are currently over 200,000 international students studying in Canada and the number is increasing.   In fact,  the Canadian  government is increasing efforts to … read more

Jobs and Careers

BC skills training program

BC plans Skills to Jobs training program

The BC government is about to launch a 10 year “Skills to Jobs” skills training program to ensure that educational institutions are generating graduates with skills matching the labour market needs. The BC government spend $7.5 billion each year on … read more