Personal Stylists, Image Consultants

With today's dizzying choices of clothing and accessories, endless cybershops, rows and rows of retail stores, busy professionals, celebrity movie stars, politicians, corporate executives and career persons have no time to fuss over what to wear and how to accessorize, analyze colors, experiment with styles.

Grooming is an important factor in a successful career, and help is available for those who need it in the professional stylist who makes it a full time occupation to study, analyze what brings out the best in every individual in terms of color, style and image.

For those who cannot afford a personal stylist,  understanding the basic principles of good style and elegance can help you become your own personal stylist and develop your own unique style in much the same way as Michelle Obama who does not use a personal stylist, or Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn who are style icons.

A personal stylist or image consultant is someone who is paid to make one look beautiful, and feel good inside and out.  Here are some famous personal stylists or image consultants:

  Ikram Goldman   Phillip Bloch
  Ikram Goldman is an Israeli-born 41-year-old Chicago boutique owner who helped the First Lady Michelle Obama select her critically acclaimed inaugural wardrobe.

Goldman, owns a shop in Rush St. Chicago. and serves as gatekeeper to Michelle Obama's wardrobe. All designers work to measurements of Michelle Obama as provided by Goldman who then delivers the finished garments to Washington.

  Philip Bloch is an Los Angeles personal stylist to famous celebrities including Sandra Bullock, Salma Hayek, Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, Jada Pinkett Smith, Cameron Diaz.... and more

He recently wrote a book called "The Shopping Diet" which aims to help the ordinary person stretch their shopping dollars and get more for less by following some basic rules, tips and guidelines.

  Andrea Lieberman  

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  Celebrity stylist Andrea Lieberman currently has her own line of clothing called the ALC which stands for Andrea Lieberman Collection.  She is best known primarily for being the stylist for Gwen Stefani, and also celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore, Faith Hill.She sums up her philosophy with her comment "“I want to make real clothes for real people—everyday clothes that feel like they take too much effort aren’t modern to me.”  Being a mother and a working woman, she knows firsthand how to dress the career woman comfortably without breaking the bank.        
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