Canadian immigrants have many reasons to travel.  Foremost of all, is the desire to travel back home to reconnect with old friends, relatives and neighbours.  Family reunions, weddings, graduations, birthdays are joyful occasions for family gatherings.  In many cases, family also gather together to grieve over the passing of a loved one.  Children of immigrants often go back to their ancestral homes in search of their roots and identities.


Other common travels are sun-soaked holidays to warm places for a break from Canada's cold winters.  In particular,  the all-inclusive resort holidays in Mexico, Cuba, Hawaii, Santo Domingo are the favourites.  Read some of the travel adventures seen through the lens of an immigrant.

Be a Tourist in your Own Home Town
Now that you are in Canada, before considering other countries as  holiday destinations, consider your own backyard!!! Canada is a big and beautiful country.   Its big cities (Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto) each has its own unique and distinct personality.  Different provinces are best visited at different seasons.   Get to know your new home country.

Tourism Victoria is offering a "Be a Tourist in your Own Home Town" promotion with free entrances to several attractions.  The promotion starts on
Wednesday, February 27th and ends on Sunday, March 2nd, 2008 
10:00 am - 5:00 pm. Don't miss this opportunity! 


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