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Welcome to the Canadian Immigrant Website!  A community site for information, dialogue and networking on topics that are of interest to the New Canadians.

We welcome contributions from everybody in the community, regardless of gender, ethnic origins or religious affiliations.

Canada is a country of diversity.  Its 30 million inhabitants reflects a cultural, ethnic and linguistic makeup that is truly unique from all other countries. Approximately 200,000 immigrants a year from all parts of the globe continue to choose Canada as a place to live. Canada has a reputation as an open, peaceful and caring society that welcomes newcomers and values diversity.  Let us continue Canada's tradition of being a compassionate country by celebrating diversity, open dialogue, mutual respect, by promoting understanding and by extending a helping hand to those in need.


Computer Trouble?
Call Computer Troubleshooters

Blue Book of Boats


Famous Immigrants
Invisible immigrants
Immigrant filmmakers
Immigrant Stories
A Visit to Historic Pier 21
Canada's Littlest Immigrants

Foreign Brides
Canadian Icons
Tourist in your own Town
Online English Lessons
Career Help for New immigrants
An Interview with Jennifer Yun
   of L2 Accent Reduction Center

Mooncake Festival
Year of the Rat
Wedding Traditions
Chinese Zodiac
Continuing Education
RRSP Lifetime Learning Plan Evaluating Foreign Education
Preparing your Resume
In-demand Skills

Finding the Right Mate
NOKIA, STARBUCKS, HAGEN DAAZ, join in the celebration of the Moon Cake Festival 

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