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Canada's economy is booming.  At the same time, the baby boomer population is aging and are gradually retiring from the workforce. There is a skilled labour shortage and workers today are blessed with an abundance of jobs.

Here is a list of categories that are in need of workers:

1.  Technology 

2. Health/Beauty

3.  Construction

4.  Business

5.  Service

Computer engineers, software programmers, website designers, computer animation, Digital media....

Doctors, nurses, caregivers, Hairdressers

Architects, Draftspersons, Electricians, Plumbers,Carpenters, Welders, Engineers

Accountants, Bookkeepers, Office Administrators,
Sales people, financial advisors.

Travel agents, hospitality workers, hotel managers, event planners, cleaners

Occupations that are not in demand in Canada:
1.  Artists or Musicians - There is an abundance of artists and musicians in Canada.  While the successful ones make a good living, it is tough for most people to make a living in arts.   If you have a bachelor's degree in something like archaeology, philosophy, or anthropology, it could be tough to find a job.


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