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ercentage of interracial marriages or
common-law relationships in Canada

7.2% in Greater Vancouver
6.1% in Toronto
3.5% in Montreal
3.1% National Average
source: Statistics Canada

Famous interracial marriages:
Lea Salonga and Robert Chien

Canada is a multi-ethnic countries and interracial marriage is becoming very common.  In many cultures (particularly with the Chinese and Hindu new immigrants,  arranged marriages are still being practiced.   Parents arrange marriages for their children with brides or grooms from their home country.

Online dating also makes it possible for Canadian singles to meet foreign men and women, have romances through the net, and eventually meeting face-to-face, and getting married.

Along with interracial marriages, couples are embracing and borrowing wedding traditions from different cultures, making a merry and colourful event out of weddings.  See Different wedding traditions

There is an abundance of dating agencies matching singles from countries including Russia, Eastern Europe and all parts of Asia.  If you are, or if you know of someone who has found romance through on-line dating with another person from a foreign country, please send your story to:  [email protected]  We love to hear from you.

Hindu wedding ceremony

chinese-style wedding

modern beach wedding

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