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Read about other real-life wedding traditions:

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2.  Ceremonies of interracial weddings

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4.  Canadian Pakistani Weddings - A Muslim-Christian wedding incorporating traditions from both religion.


Different wedding traditions

For many Canadian immigrants, marriage is more than a vow between two people, it is also the intertwining of two families.   Elaborate wedding rituals, both traditional and modern, are becoming very common.    It is not uncommon for young couples to have two ceremonies, the traditional rituals to please the parents and family, and a modern one, for friends and colleagues at work.   Modern rituals, not bound by any rules or traditions can range from saying your vows while skydiving, to scuba diving.    Anything goes.... with only one limiting factor -  the wedding budget.   Traditional wedding rituals with attending relatives from all parts of the world can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Indian traditional weddings

Couples dressed in traditional South Asian attires for the wedding ceremony. Mehindi is a henna ritual performed before the wedding day.
A henna artist applies temporary tattoo on the hands and feet of the bride. The wedding hall is decorated with colourful flower garlands.

Chinese wedding tradition

Ancient wedding from the Qin Dynasty.  Parents are seated on the throne seats.  The bride offers tea to the parent, and the groom wears an X on his gown.

ancient wedding tradition of the bride riding on rickshaw on her way to the groom's home.  Sort of the ancient wedding limousine.

Photo on left:
Chinese bride wears red cheongsam and drinks tea at a wedding tea ceremony.

Photo on right:
Here, both bride and groom are in a Chinese-styled wedding attires.
Many couples have two wedding ceremonies, the traditional and the modern ceremonies.  Beach weddings in Mexico are becoming popular for young couples.


The modern wedding limousine replaces the old fashioned rickshaw, or the horse-drawn carriage.


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