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Canada's Littlest Immigrants  

Adopting Babies from China or Asia

The important concept that all social agencies want to impart is that "Adoption should be about giving homes to children, and not about giving families children."

Adopting babies transnationally and transracially is increasing becoming a popular concept, as celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Mia Farrow leading the way.

In the hit movie "Juno", the teenage pregnant mother who is the main character, told the rich suburban couple planning to adopt her unborn child, "You should have gone to China, 'coz I hear they're give away babies like free iPods. You know, they pretty much just put them in those T-shirt guns and shoot them out at sporting events."   This irresponsible remark is causing quote a stir among adoptive families with baby adoptions from China.  It minimizes the babies as simply accessories or souvenirs given away.

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Those who have experienced the adoption process know that the process is lengthy and difficult.  The average time waiting time to adopt a baby is two to three years. 

China is becoming a handy source of baby girls because of its one-child policy and the tradition of favoring male children over female. 


Adopting Babies from India
India as a source country for baby adoption became widely publicized ever since Madonna was reportedly planning to adopt a baby in India last April, 2008. 

According to UNICEF, India has at least 25,000 waiting orphans.  Most orphans are girls abandoned by families who have traditionally prized males over females.   Abandoned baby girls face a future of poverty or prostitutions. 

India's adoption agency CARA (Central Adoption Resource Agency) 
www.adoptionindia.nic.in/  had made policy changes in the hope of making it easier for foreign families to adopt.  By having a database of babies, it hopes to shorten the waiting periods for adoptive families.    The majority of families adopting babies from India are Indo-Canadian families.  India as a country, prefers to place orphaned Indian babies with families of South Asian descent.  Non-Indian families usually face a longer waiting period.

Sunrise Adoption Centre in North Vancouver, BC is an adoption service agency who helps Canadian families work through the complicated adoption process.

Read about a happy story of an adoptee, Christian Norris who got reunited with his biological parents in China at the age of 17 in the Story of the Long Lost Son Returns to China.


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