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Steph Song - Famous Canadian actress and  Canadian immigrant of Chinese ancestry.

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Brief Background:

Steph in 5 minutes from Steph Song on Vimeo.

Steph Song is a Canadian citizen and holds a Canadian passport.  She was born in Malaysia.  Her family moved several times in the course of her lifetime due to the profession of her father, a geneticist.  Steph Song has lived in Columbia, Australia and in Canada, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, and Guelph, Ontario.  As an actress, she worked in Singapore, Australia, and Los Angeles.   During her three-year stint in Singapore, Steph took on roles in several television series. In 2006, she was voted "Sexiest Woman in the World" by a Singapore-based magazine with Asian-wide circulation.

In 2006, Steph Song landed  a role in Douglas Coupland's "Everything's Gone Green" which was filmed in Vancouver.  She currently stars as Bree in Coupland's TV series "JPod" also filmed in Vancouver.

Her film credits include:
Dragon Boys, CBC series (2007)
Godiva, CHUM television series (Singapore)
Everything's Gone Green (2007) movie
JPod (2007) TV series     



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