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Career Help for new Canadian immigrants     

Lacking Canadian work experience, many professionally trained new immigrants found it difficult to get their foot in the door of Canadian companies.  Here are some organizations who made it their job to help ease that transition process for new immigrants.

1.  Career Edge
Career Edge, a  non-profit organization operates both in Toronto and Vancouver.  It offers a program called Career Bridge to help new immigrants by organizing internships with local companies.  It screens immigrants for their English competency and evaluates education credentials according to their Canadian equivalents.  Participating companies pay a fee in exchange for an employee that matches their requirements.  Interns are paid (albeit, not a full wage).  Internships last usually for four to six months, and 80% of the interns are employed after the internships.  For more information: go to www.abilityedge.ca www.careerbridge.ca www.careeredge.ca

2.  Mentoring Connection Program
The Mentoring Connection Program is sponsored by ISSC (Immigrant Services Society of BC). The program matches new immigrants with volunteer mentors recruited from the private sectors to assist new immigrants with career skills training. 

The Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISS) was incorporated in 1972 as the first immigrant-serving agency in the province. Since that time, ISS has grown to be the largest, multicultural, immigrant-serving agency in western Canada. The society provides a variety of services to Lower Mainland immigrant and refugee communities, and works with over 23,000 clients per year. ISS has a volunteer Board of Directors, a paid staff of over 200 and over 600 active volunteers.  ISSC's mission is to help new immigrants build a future in Canada.   www.issbc.org

3.  Career Builder Plus
Open to immigrants who are unemployed and working less than 20 hours a week.  The Career Builder Plus is a customized career planning program for individuals interested in exploring new career horizons and would like assistance in developing their re-employment strategies.


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