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Home Stay Program

The Home Stay program is a short visit or stay with a host family who provides room and board at an affordable price.  Usually, a student, tourist, intern or business executive choose to stay with a host family on a home stay program for a cultural experience. The host family will usually provide airport transfers, orientation and assistance to help the visitor settle in the host country.

There are many homestay agencies that coordinate homestay programs between the student and host family.  When choosing a homestay host family, consider the following:

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1.  Neighbourhood - Is it a safe neighbourhood?  Is it close to public transportation?

2.  Room and board - Is the room adequately furnished?  Is it in a noisy location?  What kind of meals will be provided?  Sometimes foreign students are not accustomed to western food and host families may need to make some adjustments.

3.  Host family - Is the host family a working couple who are very busy?
If you are a student, does the host family have a child around your age?  If so, this can provide a rich cultural exchange.

If you are a visitor, does the host family have small children?  Small children can be very noisy and distracting?

Your homestay experience will greatly depend upon the kind of host family that you have.  So, choose wisely, and ask plenty of questions.  Make sure you communicate your needs to avoid misunderstanding.

Here is a listing of some homestay programs in Canada:
1.  www.canadahomestay.com
2.  www.canadahomestayinternational.com

3.  www.westerncanadahomestay.ca

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