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EDUCATION - Evaluating your foreign education

New immigrants, whether planning to continue further education or looking for employment,
will need to know the value of the education, training and experience they have acquired outside Canada.

The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials provide credential evaluation service for the purposes of employment and further education.  Below is a sample chart of fees and services.  For more information, visit www.cicic.ca

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Comparative Chart of Credential Assessment Services

The following chart provides information about services offered in Canada by provincially-mandated evaluation services.

  Province/Territory Basic
Academic Credentials Assessment Service (ACAS) Manitoba Free for MB residents Free for MB residents 4 to 6 weeks
International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES) British Columbia CAD$125 CAD$225 4 to 7 weeks
International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories CAD$100 CAD$200 8 weeks
Centre d'expertise sur les formations acquises hors du Québec (CEFAHQ) Quebec CAD$105 not applicable 45 days to
9 weeks
World Education Services, Canada (WES) Ontario CAD$115 CAD$200 7 days

source: CICIC

How to get a student permit
Canadian colleges & universities

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