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This is a message board for blogs.   Only selected blogs are featured in this page.  There are hundreds of thousand blogs out there in cyberscape.  Below are some of our favorite ones.  ENJOY!!!

If you know of some really interesting ones, please email us at  [email protected]

Voices and Stories of Immigrants and Expats Around the World........
The world today is an one big global village with its citizens moving about from one continent to another.  What these people have in common is "an inner motivation" that pushes them out of their comfort zone into unfamiliar territories, and the experience of being "uprooted" from one's own home and adapting to a new culture and setting. 

(Note:  What is the difference between an immigrant and an expat?  An immigrant is looking to settle permanently in the adopted country, while an expat is only staying temporarily and will eventually head home.)
Here are their stories
Angel in the Sickroom
Blog of a Filipino Canadian immigrant nurse in Edmonton.

The personal blog of Edgar Vincent Bautista showcasing his thoughts, experiences, learnings, nice-to-knows and anything about his life as a student nurse and a Filipino Immigrant in Canada
A Nurse's Tale

Sheila, Filipina mother of 3 kids, working in the U.K. as an ICU (intensive care unit) nurse, blogs about her experiences as a nurse.  Share her interesting perspective of life.
Alaska Adventure on a Sailboat - Summer 2008
Canadian immigrant finds adventure vacations not her idea of fun - but managed to find the trip rewarding.
Share the adventure of Missy (Filipina in Vancouver) and Hubby on a 37 foot sailboat travelling the BC Inside Passage to Alaska in the Summer of 2008



My travels began after four years in the corporate world, when I packed my bags and moved to Canada. I'm a Canadian permanent resident now, homesick of Switzerland, dreaming of photographing my travels and returning to the the Swiss countryside. I'm documenting my Expat life in Vancouver Mainland, B.C. to my Swiss travels and ramblings.

Blog of a South African living in London with her husband, two cats and two dogs. 


Sending Entries to an Art Show Exhibit
Watercolor Artist Peggy writes a blog about her experience in sending her art to an Art Show Exhibit.


Contributions from our readers who saw THE BIG PICTURE.








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